Sunday, 18 March 2012

Matte Nails with Glossy Tips

Sunday, 18 March 2012
Kelly Osbourne sporting the trend
(image courtesy of Twitter)

Ladies, say hello to the latest phenomenon to hit the nail world! Presenter of E! Fashion Police and all-round trend-setter, Miss Kelly Osbourne has never been afraid to try something new when it comes to style, and that includes her nails.. She recently tweeted a picture of the latest craze - matte nails with glossy tips. “Look how cool my nails are matte black with shiny French tips! Thank you @barbarawarnerbeauty”, commented the 27-year-old fashionista. 

While Matte effect nails have been around for a while, teaming them with a polished tip is something that has the nail industry and polish fanatics alike, all a flutter. After her excitable tweet, this style has become so popular, that nail varnish brand Essie has now sold out in the UK, of their ‘Matte About You’ Matte Finisher top coat. 

But have no fear, as the trend has taken over the beauty scene, with Rimmel and Model’s Own getting in on the act, with their own versions of the Matte Finisher. 
Rimmel Pro Matte Top Coat, £4.59
Model’s Own Pro Matte Nail Polish, £8.00
Both available from Boots in store or online. 

A matte finish, for those not in the know, gives a velvety, non-lustrous look, which looks super-chic. It’s not a satin-like finish you’d get with glossy polishes, and is a daring way to diversify your nail polish collection.

But is it just a novelty trend, that won’t be gracing our manicured-mitts for longer than a few months? Or is it here to stay? 

Essex-based Jessica Nail Technician, Julie-Anne Forde tweeted saying, “a lot of my younger clients like the #mattenails look, my older client are die hard #shinynails fans”...“I personally like the matte nails with shiny tips, but I do think this will be a fad and not take over from #shinynails for too long”. 

Although Julie-Anne specialises in Jessica nail treatments, she highly recommends the Essie Matte Finisher, which has been rated first in Beautramp’s Top 10 Shortlisted Matte Nail Polishes. Another way to mattify your nails, is to use already-matte colours, such as the OPI Mattes Collection.  

Top beauty blog ‘All Lacquered Up’ reviews the OPI Mattes Collection, which come in six mouth-watering shades - Alpine Snow, Gargantuan Green Grape, La Paz-itively Hot, You Don’t Know Jacques, Lincoln Park After Dark, and Russian Navy. And as they’re all available in standard glossy polishes as well, it’s easy to team them up with the perfect shade to rock the matte finish with glossy tips look! So you can either go straight for an already matte shade, or choose a matte top coat such as Essie’s instead, that will work over any normal polish, which would save you some money in the long run. According to Essie, ‘the exclusive, advanced formula instantly transforms any polish from high gloss to matte in seconds’.

OPI Mattes Collection
MATTE is everywhere this season, from nails to lips. The beauty trend has taken the industry by storm and is making way for a whole new look - we’re taking it upon ourselves to dub this the velvet vogue. I #mattenailswithglossytips and am willing to bet you are now too! 

My own #mattenailswithglossytips [Jessica's Sunset Boulevard and Essie's Matte About You]
Get painting girls! And why not send us a picture via Twitter @mag_hag of your own #mattenailswithglossytips using this hashtag. 

All of my manicures/pedicures featured are courtesy of the amazing Julie-Anne Forde. Follow on twitter @Thebeautyboxhx

ChloƩ x

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