Sunday, 9 September 2012


Sunday, 9 September 2012

My manicure using Jessica's Viva La Lime Light polish

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For this week’s manicure I’ve gone for a shade you just can’t miss - a gorgeous pistachio green hue by Jessica, called Viva La Lime Light. Although it’s from one of their older collections, it’s a very current colour, and is perfect as a little burst of vibrant colour as the summer draws to an end. 

Also popular this past summer season with all the big polish brands, refreshing minty and aqua shades of green have proved a daring yet on-trend colour choice. For example, Yves Saint Laurent brought out their Manicure Couture Duos earlier in the year, including a gorgeous colour combination of mint green and chocolate brown.

YSL Manicure Couture Duo polishes (image courtesy of

Or for those whose budget is a little more DIY than designer, Butter London have also just released their Autumn/Winter 2012 polishes collection, which includes new ‘Trustafarian’ nail lacquer, a sophisticated sage green with a golden holographic finish. The cult phenomenon brand also boasts an opaque pistachio green coloured polish, ‘Bossy Boots’.

Butter London's Trustafarian polish (image courtesy of

Butter London's Bossy Boots polish (image courtesy of

Another simply stunning shade is Sally Hansen’s ‘Sea’ Smooth and Perfect Colour and Care pale mint green polish, which has a luxurious shimmering finish that really catches the sunlight and makes your manicure sparkle.

Sally Hansen's Sea polish (image courtesy of

Update your polish collection with these minty marvels, and be the queen of green.

My manicures/pedicures featured are courtesy of the amazing Julie-Anne Forde at The Beauty Box.

Chloé x

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  1. I am loving this shade of green so much lately. I'm a sucker for anything pastel at the moment :D

    Just discovered your blog through #bbloggers first blog hop and i'm your newest follower :) Hope you'll stop by and tae a wander through mine too :)



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